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ToDryFor Tea Towel Design Competition 2014 - image: Le Tour tea towel by William Wright

What's this all about?

Hooray! Pencils at the ready... the ToDryFor Design Competition 2014 is open for entries from Friday 28th February! We’re once again giving everyone the chance to submit their artwork for possible inclusion on a ToDryFor tea towel. With a bumper prize fund that includes a magazine subscription, a year’s supply of tea bags, mugs, biscuits, oh, and your design on a tea towel, why wouldn’t you enter?

This year the top 15 designs will be judged not only by us, but also by our super-amazing guest judges Michelle Alger, Head of Home for Heal’s and Mollie Makes Editor, Lara Watson, thus showcasing your work to two influential figures in the industry – an amazing opportunity regardless of whether or not you make the final three.

The 2013 design competition was won by Will Wright with his bang-on-trend Le Tour illustration. Over the last year, the resulting tea towel has been sold through numerous shops, galleries, and websites across the UK and around the world.

What's in it for me?

Wowsers! As mentioned, this year’s prize fund is a bumper one. Not only are we are offering one lucky winner the chance to design a tea towel and become part of our existing line-up of fantastic artists, which includes Gemma Correll, Rob Ryan, Julia Pott and other highly acclaimed individuals, but also up for grabs is a year’s subscription to the wonderful Mollie Makes magazine AND a year’s worth of Yorkshire Tea (in our opinion you shouldn’t really drink anything else). Heck, I’d enter it just for the tea bags alone... Two runners-up will also receive a bumper box of goodies (including Beast In Show mugs and biscuits).

From left: A year's worth of Yorkshire Tea, a year's subscription to Mollie Makes magazine, Beast in Show mugs - A Cup of Joe by Nicholas John Frith and Octopus by HelloWilson shown

The winning design will become part of our ToDryFor range, sold to individual customers via our retail websites and promoted wholesale to head buyers from top department stores and to independent boutiques across the globe via international trade shows and direct marketing.

We will also promote the tea towel, and the winning-artist, to press; fingers crossed you might see your artwork appearing in glossy magazines and newspapers before the year is out.

From left: Kitchen Baking tea towel by Daphne Padden, Octopus tea towel by HelloWilson, Hollywood Dishes tea towel by Dear Colleen

Our ToDryFor range is currently stocked in shops and small chains across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, so your artwork will be seen all over the world!

Whatever... would I get any money?

If you win, you will be paid a percentage commission per sale on an ongoing basis. You will also receive 5 free samples of your tea towel design for your portfolio (or to give to your nan, whichever you prefer). You will be featured on our artists' biographies page, and your name will be embroidered on a label affixed to the back of the tea towel, and also included on an insert in the finished product's packaging.

From left: Bear Hug! label and tea towel, Packaged up Gasometer tea towel, a stack of ToDryFor tea towels

Right then, count me in. What should I do now?

- Firstly, your artwork will need to fit our design specification (see below).
- You'll then need to email your design to , stating your name, location, and a link to your website/online portfolio (if you have one).

Them's the rules...

- The competition is open internationally, so absolutely anyone may submit artwork.
- This year we've decided to accept up to three separate design submissions per artist - make sure they're your best!
- Each design needs to be exclusive to this competition (so please don't use them anywhere else before you know if you've won or not).
- Most importantly, the design must be your own intellectual property and you must have the exclusive copyright and right of use (so no scanning in stuff from magazines, thanks). This is important otherwise we are not legally allowed to print your design. If your design gets chosen, you grant us the exclusive right of use to print your design on a tea towel.
- By entering the competition you agree to our Terms and Conditions (see below).

What's the deadline? I've got other stuff to sort out you know.

The closing date is Monday 14th April, 2014; we will need to receive all design submissions by midday GMT. Any entries received after this time and date will not be included in the competition.

How and when is the winner going to be chosen?

A shortlist of 15 designs will be chosen by us (Sally and Dave, owners of ToDryFor), and then whittled down to one lucky winner and two runners-up with the help of our super-amazing guest judges Michelle Alger, Head of Home for Heal's and Mollie Makes Editor, Lara Watson.

The winner, runners-up, and shortlist will be announced on Friday 25th April, 2014 on our blog, our facebook page and via twitter. The decision will be based on our own personal preferences (fingers crossed we all agree) and also the design's commercial viability; as much as we'd love to produce a tea towel featuring a yeti swearing blue murder, it's probably not going to happen...

Good Luck!

We're happy for the design to be either portrait or landscape in format. The image can be as small or as large as you wish within the given print area, or it can bleed off the edge of the tea towel (e.g. Bake Me).

The dimensions are as follows:

Non-bleed spec
Max image size: 42cm x 70cm
Finished sewn size: 48cm x 76cm

All over (bled and stitched) spec
Ideal image size: 50cm x 77cm
Finished sewn size: 48cm x 76cm

- We will accept jpg, tif or pdf file formats, which should be 1024 px on the longest side.
- Submission artwork should be supplied at 72dpi.
- You will need to include the pantone coated colour reference for each colour used within the artwork* in your submission email.

* Please bear in mind that the winning design will be screen-printed, so the design and number of colours used should reflect this. Unlike paper screen-printing, colours cannot easily be layered to create a third colour. However, it is possible to use half-tones of colour; in this instance both the pantone and the percentage tone of the colour should be specified.

Winning Artwork

The winner will need to be able to supply the final artwork as follows:

- Actual size (see non-bleed and bleed dimensions above).
- The final image format will need to be jpg, tif, pdf or psd; depending on the complexity of the design, we may need a separate image per colour layer for separation.
- The winning artwork will need to be supplied by no later than Monday 5th May, 2014.

1. General Terms and Conditions
1.1. The following Terms and Conditions shall apply for the participation in a competition hosted by ToDryFor.com to any person or company (hereinafter called "Designer"), who submit a graphic illustration or any other form of design (hereinafter called "Design"). These Terms and Conditions are valid at the time of participation.
1.2 The Designer accepts these Terms & Conditions by submitting the Design to ToDryFor.com.
1.3 ToDryFor.com shall retain title to and copyright of any content of the website, drawings and any other documents and information which are protected by intellectual property law and copyright law.

2. Participation in a Competition
2.1 The Designer submits a Design to ToDryFor.com, normally by electronic means. The Designer hereby agrees that ToDryFor.com may publish this Design on the website of ToDryFor.com and that ToDryFor.com may use the winning Design for advertising, promotional and publishing purposes, and the production of goods, namely printing the Design on tea towels.
2.2. ToDryFor.com reserves the right to modify the winning Design at any time, with agreement from the Designer. This right to modify relates in particular to changes in colour or the size of the Design or individual elements of the Design.
2.3 The Designer is obliged not to submit the Design to any third party, or use the winning Design in the production of any other goods.

3. Preconditions for Participation
3.1 Preconditions for any participation by the Designer in a competition hosted by ToDryFor.com are that the Designer is at least 18 years of age, that the Design is the Designer's own exclusive intellectual property and that the Designer has the exclusive copyright and the exclusive right of use of the Design without any limitations.
3.2 The Designer declares and guarantees that the Design does not infringe any trademarks, copyrights, or any other intellectual property rights by third parties by submitting the Design.
3.3 In case of an alleged copyright infringement, the Designer holds harmless and indemnifies ToDryFor.com for any claims, debts and obligations towards third parties and compensates ToDryFor.com for any damages and actual expenditures.

4. Right of Use
4.1 By submitting the Design, the Designer grants ToDryFor.com the perpetual, worldwide and unlimited right to publish the Design on the website of ToDryFor.com or in any other way (e.g. in promotional material). At the same time, the Designer grants ToDryFor.com the perpetual, worldwide and unlimited right to use the winning Design exclusively and without any limitations for the production of goods, namely printing the Design on tea towels.