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Pick 'n' Mix
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Pick 'n' Mix

by Mr. PS

This tea towel really makes me chuckle, as it reminds me of my first pick 'n' mix experience. Picture the scene... I'm 7 years old, it's the mid-1980s, Kyle Minogue is wearing a hat with a hole in the top, and Woolworths has just launched its exciting new sweet counter. Filling up my paper bag with toffee pennies, flying saucers and cola bottles, I asked my brother how much I should put in. "Fill it to the top," he said, mischievously! I piled those pear drops high, only to discover it came to over 10 (more than my 50p pocket money would stretch to)!! Eek...

Size: Approx 40cm x 75cm
Material: 100% cotton - hand printed in the UK


We're really sorry, but unfortunately this tea towel is no longer available.

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